Our Values and Behaviours

Let’s hear what our Values and Behaviours mean to our community of voices

We have been on a very important journey in 2023,  to set an important new Culture for One Araluen, based on a set of shared Values and supporting Behaviours that unite us across the organisation and guide us in delivering our core purpose of supporting our participants to achieve great lives.

We gathered feedback from across the voices of our Araluen community, our participants, our families and carers, and our staff, to understand the most important values and behaviours to us all.

There was a lot of harmony in the responses from our community. This helped us identify the 6 values, anchored in foundational human heartfelt needs, and the 4 behaviours, that we can all demonstrate to bring each of our values to life.

Our Values and Behaviours Framework is the foundation for everything we do and how we do it at Araluen.

Our Values and Behaviours framework

Treat you with patience, honesty, courtesy & kindness

    • We have zero tolerance of bullying, harassment, abuse and neglect and will investigate every allegation.
    • We warmly welcome everyone.
    • We involve you in discussions and consider your opinions in decisions that impact you.
    • We hold each other accountable to our values and behaviours.
blue circular shape with white text that says see you and a white line drawing of an eye

See you for who you are, the skills and experiences you have, the contribution you make, and what you are striving to achieve.

    • We value each other’s skills, experiences, and contributions.
    • We embrace diversity and take the time to see and understand a perspective that is different to our own.
    • We are observant and responsive to each other’s needs.
    • We recognise and celebrate individual achievements.

Listen to you, to make you feel understood, validated, affirmed, valued, and connected.

    • We look, listen and learn to understand each other.
    • We communicate with you using your preferred method of communication.
    • We make time to discuss things that matter to you.
    • We respond with respectful discussion and work together to resolve issues.

Excite, motivate, encourage, and challenge you, to discover your moments to shine. 

    • We embrace and engage in creative activities that bring value and joy.
    • We challenge ourselves to explore new ideas and opportunities to achieve better outcomes.
    • We learn from our mistakes and see them as opportunities to improve what we do.
    • We celebrate achievements along the journey.

Encourage, support, and help you to learn and grow to have a life full of possibility, choice and independence.

    • We encourage and help each other to be our best by giving and receiving feedback.
    • We share what we know, teach each other and keep learning to improve.
    • We strive to give everyone what they need to make their own decisions.
    • We promote choice and independence by supporting people to advocate for themselves and others.

We are stronger together, achieving better outcomes for all.

    • We put our participants at the centre of everything we do.
    • We build good relationships and partnerships that  benefit the community.
    • We actively advocate to drive positive change.
    • We consult to understand all points of view.

We hold each other accountable

One of the most important behaviours we have in our Values and Behaviours Framework is “We will hold each other accountable to our Values & Behaviours”.

Holding each other accountable to our values and behaviours is how we build a culture of accountability across our Araluen community.

The role that feedback plays in creating a culture of accountability

Positive feedback can help someone feel confident and take ownership of the choices that they’ve made.

Constructive feedback can help them identify actions to improve their impact for next time.

This makes giving and receiving feedback a powerful way to build a culture of accountability.

Stop-Reflect-Connect is our model for giving and receiving feedback

You can use our Stop-Reflect-Connect model to help you make both positive and constructive feedback more impactful by creating a two-way feedback system, rather than one person just giving another person feedback.

It is an approach that can be used either in the moment, or in a planned feedback


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