Creating One Araluen together

Learn all about what we will do and how we will build a great Culture based on shared Values

Over June and July we have been gathering input from our staff, our participants and from our family and carers network to understand the values and behaviours that are most important to our Araluen community.

We had the greatest staff involvement in having a say in our history, through the 10 Staff Focus Groups and through the Define Survey.

We also had the greatest Participant and Family and Carers involvement in having a say through the 9 Participant Focus Groups  and through the Family and Carers Define Survey.

We are now working through Refining everyone’s input into the Values and Behaviours Framework that will become the cornerstone of our culture in a workshop with the Values and Behaviours Champions on August the 31st.

Our roadmap

Our progress

Our Values and Behaviours Champion Network

The Values and Behaviours Champions will play a critical role in finalising our Values and Behaviours Framework and in helping to embed and role model the values and behaviours across our Araluen community.

Meet our Values and Behaviours Champions

Angela Camilleri Senior Accounts Officer
Belinda Papa General Manager People and Culture
Brandi Rutherford Senior Manager – Community Participation
Chloe Mann Practice Lead Art Connects and Instructor
Chris Reay Practice Leader Fraser House & John St
Cindy Dale Support Services Manager
Dan Gleeson Chief Operating Officer
Deb Chesswas People & Culture Coordinator
Debbie Clarke People and Organisational Development Lead
Deborah Cave Support Worker
Helen Ryan General Manager – Community Participation
Jenny Tomlin Support Service Manager
Joshua Brouwer General Manager, Quality, Safety & Practice
Julie Morgan Finance Manager
Lara Hynes Manager – Design Marketing & Communications
Leigh Morante Support Service Manager – Chancez / Workforce
Louise Wynd Senior Payroll Officer
Matthew Hood Support Worker
Nicholas Keillor Quality, Safety & Practice Lead and Support Worker
Paris Giroud Support & Intake Coordinator and Support Worker
Penny Kendall General Manager – Options for Community Living
Peta Nudelman Practice Leader ‑ Options for Community Living Emery Ave and Rufus St
Rahma Ibrahim Abbas Practice Leader Fraser House & Greenwood Drive
Robyn Virgona Executive Assistant
Samantha Vertkas Support Services Manager
Sarah Owen Practice Leader ‑ Options for Community Living Carwarp St
Sharen Aitchison OFCL Senior Manager
Sophie Cunningham Data Integrity Lead
Tamara Cattach Chief Executive
Tammy Smith Practice Leader Support Coordinator
Trisha Ali Practice Leader ‑ Options for Community Living Rattray Road and Turnham House
Vanessa Paskalidis Practice Leader – Snell Grove