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Support for Autism

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Araluen is the only support service for adults with intellectual disabilities in Australia to have gained specialist Autism Accreditation through the rigorous ‘Amaze’ certification process. This demonstrates our commitment and ability to provide high-quality supports to help people living on the Autism Spectrum achieve great outcomes. ‘Amaze’ was formerly known as ‘Autism Victoria’.
Araluen integrates positive behaviour strategies and sensory focussed techniques into everyday practice. Due to specialised training, staff can develop individual supports that address unique and sometimes complex sensory, behavioural and communicative needs.
We work with families and carers to fully understand behaviours and challenges that occur across an individual’s everyday life so we can ensure a uniform approach. Additionally, our strategies are always based on clarity, consistency, simplicity and continuity. We recognise what makes people unique so we can empower them to reach their potential. Participants can grow within a framework that feels comfortable and safe as a result.
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Banner artwork: by Fanny Duketis