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Support Coordination

Support Coordination helps people find and organise the services they need to meet their NDIS goals because it can be tricky to do this on your own. A Support Coordinator is a person who can help you make your NDIS Plan work. Having a Support Coordinator can make it much easier to find and use the things you have NDIS funding for and to connect with your community.
Araluen’s Support Coordinators can help you:
  • Understand the NDIS and your Plan
  • Know what supports you can get with your NDIS money
  • Find the right services and supports for you
  • Let you choose who will support you and how they will do it
  • Make sure you get good value for your money
  • Help you become better able to manage your supports by yourself
  • Assist you to work with the services and people you choose
  • Help you prepare for your NDIS Plan review

How our Support Coordinators will work with you:

Our Support Coordinators can connect you with disability-related supports and other services you need too

They will listen to you so they understand all the things you need to be well-supported

Then they will look at lots of services and supports to find your best match

They will tell you what they find out so you can make good choices

When you’ve decided, our Support Coordinators can help you start working with these people and organisations

They will explain “how things work” so you can build the skills you need to manage your supports in the future if you want to

What sort of things can I do and find with a Support Coordinator?

We can connect you to supports just right for you in areas of daily living, recreation and building relationships. These can be can disability, community or government services and businesses that can help you meet your goals. We help you manage your Plan so your money is spent in the best possible way. So you the get the safe, reliable supports you need to live a great life!

A few examples:

  • Training or TAFE courses
  • Referrals to people who can look after your health like physiotherapists or OT’s
  • Employment services who can help you get a job
  • Volunteer work
  • Help you use the NDIS online portal or MyGov website
  • Respite services or help around your home
  • Explore housing choices

graphic of a red house

Would you like to find a great home?
Or do you need new in-home supports?

Our Options for Community Living Team are experienced Support Coordinators who know A LOT about housing choices for people with disability. They can also help you find the right supports to live a great life at home and in the community.

Facts about Support Coordination

Support Coordination may be funded under ‘Capacity Building – Support Coordination’ in your NDIS Plan
So you must have funding for Support Coordination in your NDIS Plan to use a Support Coordinator