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Respecting your rights

‘Privacy’ is about your right to choose what information you share about yourself with other people. We are careful with the personal information that we need to collect about you.

The information Araluen collects about people is used to ensure we can deliver the most high quality, safe services possible. This means that we often have to ask you about things that may seem personal, like what your interests and goals are, or about your health, wellbeing or physical support needs.

We promise that we will:

  • only collect the information we need to have to support you and provide safe, quality services
  • let you know what information we keep about you if you ask us
  • only share your information when you say we can (unless we have to share it for legal reasons)
  • only show your information to people who need to see it so we can support you
  • keep your information safe
  • make sure the information we have is correct
  • change your information if it’s wrong

See Araluen’s Privacy Policy

You can learn about how personal information is used, collected and stored within the organisation. This policy is written to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, which explain what services like Araluen must do to protect people’s privacy by law.
You can read it HERE or ask us for a copy.

Find out:

  • what type of information about you we collect and why
  • how we keep and use your personal information
  • what we must do keep your information safe
  • choices you have about giving us personal information
  • rights you have to see and correct personal information
  • how you can complain if you think we’ve breached your privacy and not done what this policy says we have to

If you have questions, a complaint or would like to update your information, send us an email


Quality Team at Araluen

Ph: 1300 020 625