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More Housing Choices for you

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Naomi’s on the move.

Together, Naomi, her family and Araluen are building a dream of independent living.

A happy, safe home is a vital to having a great life!

With the right NDIS funding, and the help of Araluen’s Supported Housing program, you can explore a wide range of accommodation options.

Meet with us!

Araluen’s dedicated Investigating Housing Solutions Support Co-ordinators can meet with you and the important people in your life to discuss housing options in your community that might suit your needs. Whether you’re ready to move out now or would like to in the future, we can support you, and your family, through the entire process.

Some of the things we can discuss with you include:

  • Road-mapping a path for future independent living
  • Respite options
  • Assessment of independent living skills
  • Transition planning
  • Linking with services and programs to build your everyday living skills
  • Assistance locating a suitable, affordable property
  • Assistance viewing and applying for private rentals and obtaining a lease
  • Property Development
  • CRU-style supported options


Jenny Tomlin
Investigating Housing Options Manager

Ph: 0410 647 359
Email: jennyt2@araluen.org


On the path to independent living with Araluen!

The process of moving out of home can seem daunting to many people with a disability who’d like to, and their families. At Araluen, we can start with your dream of independent living and guide you through the steps that can lead to your new home!

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Talking About Housing – Am I ready?

Step 1
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Learning About Housing –
What are my options?

Step 2

Making a Plan
– What is my vision for housing?

Step 3

Taking Action
– Getting out there and doing it.

Step 4

The Big Day
– Moving out of home

Step 5

The Good Life –
Maintaining your new
accommodation and lifestyle

Step 6

Kylie and Kate
have their own

See how they got it –
come on in!