Araluen has introduced a range of infection control measures so we can keep everyone as safe as we can while we deliver essential supports. While governments have begun to ease restrictions on movement within the broader community and life is slowly getting back to normal, Araluen continues to take the threat of COVID-19 very seriously. The measures we have introduced at all sites comply with the recommendations of trusted Government sources and will remain in place while COVID-19 remains a health risk.
  1. Social distancing
  • Victorian Government guidelines limit Araluen to providing service in an indoor area to a maximum of ten people plus the minimum amount of staff required to provide support (providing adequate physical distancing requirements can be maintained in that space). Araluen has determined how many people (participants and staff) can occupy each space at our support locations while maintaining minimum physical distancing requirements. We are required to maintain the rule of no more than 1 person per 4 square metres.
  • Signage at each site clearly shows the maximum number of people allowed to be present at one time and we also display the maximum number of people allowed in each room at once.


  1. Participant guidelines
  • Participants must bring their own snacks or lunch. Food must not be shared with others. Araluen also requests that participants bring their own cutlery, cups and mugs as required to prevent cross-contamination. This is an expectation for Araluen staff also.
  • Upon entry to an Araluen site, every person will have their body temperature taken and we require our staff to take this measure every 4-8 hours that an individual is at the site.
  • If a participant is unwell, has any symptoms of COVID-19 or been exposed to someone diagnosed or suspected of having the virus, they SHOULD NOT attend any Araluen support or location. Please inform the site manager ASAP.
  • All staff have been asked to watch for symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, coughing, sore throat, fatigue, or shortness of breath. Any participant displaying symptom/s will be sent home and it is expected that parents/carers will be available to pick up if required. Similarly, staff showing any signs of illness will be sent home and, where appropriate, tested for COVID-19
  • Hands sanitiser is available, and participants will be requested to wash their hands with soap or use hand sanitiser at regular times throughout the day including before and after eating or using the bathroom.
  • Participants are expected to observe social distancing requirements of 1.5m as much as practicable. Staff must also adhere to these measures unless their duties require otherwise (e.g: providing personal care). Where this is not possible, PPE is available.
  • An easy read version of ‘What to expect when you get disability services’ for participants can be found at the link below. Araluen staff will go over this information with participants when they arrive on site. In the interests of everyone’s safety, we would appreciate it if this information could be reinforced with the participant at home where possible, especially before a participant accesses one of our sites. SEE:


  1. Stricter cleaning schedule
  • We ask our workforce to adhere to a strict cleaning schedule each day.  Detailed checklists need to be completed, checked and signed off daily. The cleaning checklist outlines the areas that need to be cleaned and identifies high touchpoints and heavy traffic surfaces that need to be cleaned regularly across the service.
  • Our Waste Management Policy details how all waste is to be disposed of to maintain infection control.


  1. Stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


  1. Trained Staff
  • All frontline, as well as management and administration staff, have completed mandatory training on hand-hygiene and infection prevention through Disability Services Consulting (DSC).


  1. Transport
  • Araluen will not be providing any commuter transport until further notice as strict social distancing and hygiene requirements make this impracticable and high-risk. If a participant requires transport to and from Araluen, please make your own arrangements or contact Total Care Transport (TCT) to arrange a taxi. TCT are able to provide transport utilising NDIS funding and will arrange a Service Agreement with you. TCT also require participants have a MPTP taxi card. More information on how to apply for a taxi card can be found here:

To arrange  transport with TCT please contact either: or Mobile: 0458887781 or Mobile: 0411100676


  1. Visitors and appropriate signage
  • We are restricting visitors, couriers and tradespersons wherever possible and have signage to let people know who can and cannot enter the premises.


  1. Risk managed activities
  • Many activities undertaken by participants and staff will be done within the Centre itself. Where there is a specific need for staff and participants to undertake external activities, a Risk Assessment will be undertaken. These types of activities are more likely to occur in future months as restrictions lift.


  1. Risk Management of participants and staff
  • Participants and staff in high-risk categories due to age, medical conditions and other factors are advised to remain away from Centre and Group based Services and we will continue to work to find suitable and engaging alternatives for each individual.


  1. Contact Tracing
  • Araluen is keeping records of who has entered and exited each site for contract tracing purposes. In the event we have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 at Araluen, we will work with relevant authorities to determine who that person has come into contact with and ensure that thorough cleaning is carried out as per Government guidelines.


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