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Art Connects

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So you want to be an artist?

If art is your passion, then Araluen’s highly regarded “Art Connects” program can help you make great work and help you share it.

We help one hundred artists to do exactly that!


Lara Hynes

Manager – Art Connects
Ph: (03) 9438 2844


Learn New Skills

Our studios are well equipped spaces and staffed by specialist instructors who love art and make it themselves. So they share your passion and can help you learn new creative skills as well as build on your strengths and develop your own personal style.
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Unleash your imagination and connect with people

At Araluen, everyone’s voice is important and creative expression is as valued as any other form of communication. Making masterpieces can help you reveal yourself, your thoughts and abilities to the world. Participants in the “Art Connects” program are guided to explore and develop their own ideas and produce original work that genuinely reflects the person who made it.

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Exhibit and Sell your work

“Art Connects” can make it possible to share your great work with the outside world. We do this by taking over some of the many tasks required to get it there. Things we can do for you include applying for exhibition selection, transporting your artwork to a gallery or managing sales. Plus, Araluen’s artists are actively promoted and we create opportunities for them to earn recognition and income on the basis of their creative ability.
Our exhibition schedule sees hundreds of artworks exhibited each year. As a result, Artists in the program are regularly shortlisted for – and win – awards, are invited to work on public art projects and have gained prestigious grants. Work produced in Araluen’s studios has gained a reputation for being vibrant, expressive and of high artistic merit.

Artwork: by Brady Freeman